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Keep Your Business Thriving And Protected With Proactive And Flexible IT Solutions

Small Business IT Specialists

We know as a small business you have unique IT concerns.  From speed of service, to breadth of knowledge over varying, changing and unique infastructure.  We have been specializing with helping meet those needs for over 20 years.  We can quickly troubleshoot, diagnose fix & repair, design as well as plan & implement IT structures that cut costs and downtime.

"In IT It's not what you know, It's what you don't know that costs you. Experience pays Big dividends"
John Scott

Protect Your Investment

Your business is your investment and your risks for running it are what threatens your IT.  It holds and communicates all your business interactions.  When it stops so does your business.  What are the risks?  Virus, Ransomware, data corruption, power, staff…Learn the risks and how to protect yourself

Have an escape plan

Plan for the worst.  Sleep better tonight!  We have recovery plans that can protect you from ANY threat.  Systems that can literally have you back up & running in minutes but you must plan ahead.

Proactive & Flexible

The most efficient systems are those that are proactively maintained & monitored.  We don’t try to squeeze you into a plan though.  We know as a small business your needs are unique and constantly changing.  That’s why we offer flexible solutions to meet your needs

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Quick Repair

Systems down? Need help now? We can do that too. We know how important it is for a business to be up and running. Call us at 250-826-HELP(4357) Now

Worlds Best Backup

The only ransomware designed backup which uses a unique algorithm that cannot be compromised by virus ensuring your data is there when needed. The real power & safety is in the game changing...

Data Recovery

Honest, trusted, local data recovery services for all media types. We provide all 3 levels of recovery services, from logical failure to cleanroom services

Proactive System Protection

Slow, unresponsive systems sneakily steal money from your bottom line. A properly maintained system

Managed Services

Our managed services help reduce the number of repairs, errors and crashes, increases system efficiency and performance & gives you priority if something does go wrong

Local Computer Repair Facility

We perform laptop & computer repairs at our top rated repair center right here in the Okanagan. Our team is highly experienced with decades of expertise in providing repairs, support and upgrades

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